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Village Halls Information

The parish is very fortunate to have two Village Halls serving the local communities as both Stansted and Fairseat have their own village hall.  

Stansted Village Hall


The idea of a village hall in Stansted dates back to 1937 when the Church indicated it would be prepared to sell some of the land adjoining the Rectory to create a recreation ground for the School, and provide an amenity for the village.  The Parish Council acquired the land shortly before the outbreak of war, and the immediate post-war period bore witness to thriving cricket, hockey and football clubs.  However, it wasn’t until 1968 that the necessary money was raised by public subscription to erect the basis of the building that exists today.

Benefits to the Village

The Hall is made available for hire at very reasonable rates, and its setting in a beautiful fold of the North Downs makes it a popular choice for childrens’ parties, wedding receptions, and as a focal point for village events, meetings of the Parish Council, and various clubs and societies.  It adds a little bit of life to the village by bringing people together.  However, the income generated by these activities represents less than half of the running costs of keeping it going, with the balance needing to be met by grants and fundraising.

How you can help

Please do consider using the Hall if you are planning an event, and the House just isn’t big enough.  (See below for bookings secretary).  The Hall Committee also organises regular fundraising events, including the annual village fete (held on the first Saturday in September in conjunction with the Stansted Gymkhana).  These are all generally promoted in the Parish Notes and on posters around the village.  If you are new to the village, and would like to meet your neighbours, you will be welcomed to these fun events.

If you are able to spare a little of your time, the Committee would also be very receptive to encouraging new members.  We generally meet once a month, and the modest workload is shared as equably as possible.

You can also give direct financial support by joining the Stansted 100 Club. A minimum contribution of £1 per month (or £12 per year if you prefer) is all that’s required, and in return you will be issued with a uniquely numbered lottery ticket.  Tickets will be entered into a monthly draw, with half the money raised given as prizes, and the remainder going to fund the Hall.  Winners will be notified directly, and also in the Parish Notes. Please see below for details on how to join.

Chairman                       Will Peat                       01474 855643
Bookings                        Sheila Goodworth         01732 822625
100 Club                        Jo Moore                       01732 820168

Secretary                       Sheila Goodworth         01732 822625



Fairseat Village Hall

For details and bookings:

Please email:,     Tel 01732 823 907